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Meet the 2022 18 Under 18 Recipients

They’ve started businesses and nonprofits, broken glass ceilings, and created products for the physical space and cyberspace. Meet the Junior Achievement 2022 18 Under 18. These Arizonans distinguish themselves with their creativity, passion, and drive.

What unites the Class of 2022 is their almost singular ability to find inspiration and motivation from hardship. Whether it was the pure isolation that came from COVID-19, the death of a pet, or the recognition that they were unlike others around them; the Class of 2022 has used their creativity, generosity, and entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference in Arizona and beyond.

Learn a bit about them below, and don’t be surprised if you feel a little inspired yourself.

Nominations for the 2023 Awards are closed!


Arun Moorthy
Age 17 | Junior
BASIS Scottsdale | Scottsdale

With each medical appointment, we see how technology and healthcare are inextricably linked. BASIS Scottsdale junior Arun Moorthy isn’t just aware of the connection between tech and health, he’s helping make those innovations happen.


Arun’s Story



Ashley Nevison
Age 15 | Freshman
ASU Prep Digital | Scottsdale

Ashley Nevison channeled her grief and turned it into inspiration. Thanks to her nonprofit, Sargeant’s Army, this high school freshman has raised more than $50,000 and helped more than two-dozen homeless organizations.


Ashley’s Story



Charlotte Gould
Age 14 | 8th Grade
Kyrene Aprende Middle School | Tempe

With a simple needle and thread, children across the globe are getting an important boost of confidence. They have Tempe middle-schooler Charlotte Gould, and her creativity, to thank for it.


Charlotte’s Story




Claira Chong
Age 17 | Junior
Xavier College Preparatory | Phoenix

Realizing that there was a dearth of practical, life-skills education for girls, Claira Chong decided to create her own forum. EmpowHerX, the Xavier College Preparatory junior’s creation, holds monthly meetings on topics ranging from personal finance to safety.


Claira’s Story



Eden Sapien
Age 16 | Junior
Sandra Day O’Connor High School | Phoenix

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Eden Sapien found a slightly different interpretation of the adage – this junior at Sandra Day O’Connor High School realized that the things we forget about in our junk closets could save someone’s life.


Eden’s Story



Eduardo Rangel
Age 18 | Senior
Phoenix Union Wilson College Prep | Phoenix

The concept of “building blocks for success” is more than a metaphor for Eduardo Rangel, a senior at Phoenix Union Wilson College Prep. Thanks to a hands-on internship, he’s focused on a career in construction.


Eduardo’s Story



Hurshneet Chadha
Age 16 | Junior
Mountain Ridge High School | Peoria

With an army of volunteers helping to spread his message of positivity, Mountain Ridge junior Hurshneet Chadha is getting a firsthand lesson in the power of positivity.


Hurshneet’s Story




Ivanna Viloria Enciso

Age 14 | Freshman
Catalina Foothills High School | Tucson

That sound you hear is a glass ceiling shattering into a million pieces, thanks in part to Ivanna Viloria Enciso. A freshman at Catalina Foothills High School in Tucson, Viloria Enciso became an Eagle Scout in October 2021.


Viloria’s Story



Jenna Lee
Age 18 | Senior
BASIS Chandler | Chandler

Talk to Jenna Lee about leadership, and you’ll hear stories about listening, collaboration and sacrifice. This senior from BASIS Chandler looks back fondly on the opportunities her city and community provided.

Jenna’s Story


Jessica Burke

Age 16 | Sophomore
Hamilton High School | Chandler

An aspiring food scientist, Hamilton High School sophomore Jessica Burke is discovering that some of our most valuable and most meaningful interactions come over our shared love of food.


Jessica’s Story



Karasi Colter
Age 17 | Senior
Betty H. Fairfax High School | Phoenix

Where most citizens look away, Karasi Colter dives in. Her work to bring assistance to and raise awareness about homelessness in the Valley makes this Phoenix Senior one of the state’s rising youth leaders.


Karasi’s Story



Mallika Sunder

Age 17 | Junior
Catalina Foothills High School | Tucson

Mallika Sunder doesn’t need to wait until she’s eligible to vote to use her voice. This 17-year-old Tucson resident is inspiring her classmates and youth around the world through her activism.


Mallika’s Story



Mihira Karnik
Age 16 | Junior
Arizona College Prep High School | Chandler

What happens when you combine a talented chef and a scientist? You get Mihira Karnik. This junior at Arizona College Prep High School doesn’t just want food to be delicious, she wants to know when it’s reached its peak nutritional state.


Mihira’s Story



Prisha Shroff

Age 15 | Freshman
Hamilton High School | Chandler

Prisha Shroff encountered a devastating wildfire during a trip to California that made her wonder: What could we do to better prevent them? Her ideas might give us hope.

Prisha’s Story


Radia Wong

Age 16 | Senior
Notre Dame Preparatory | Scottsdale

Radia Wong’s passion for synchronized swimming caused a literal ripple effect: This 16-year-old Scottsdale senior now puts her energy toward coaching, recruiting and gender equity in the sport, and finds time to help the community, too.


Radia’s Story



Sonya Colattur
Age 15 | Sophomore
Xavier College Preparatory | Glendale

Supporting a pet on a fixed income can be a challenge. Sonya Colattur, a sophomore at Xavier College Prep., founded GrandPaws Pantry to make sure seniors have a way to feed their beloved pets.


Sonya’s Story




Sripriya Srinivas

Age 17 | Junior
Horizon Honors Secondary | Chandler

COVID couldn’t get in the way of Sripriya Srinivas and her volunteer work with memory care patients. When we started social distancing, Srinivas, a junior at Horizon Honors Secondary, came up with new ways to inspire creativity.


Sripriya’s Story



Theresa O’Connor 

Age 17 | Junior
Tempe Preparatory Academy | Tempe

Tempe Preparatory Academy junior Theresa O’Connor has learned an important lesson about leadership at a young age: The output from a group is exponentially more than that of an individual.


Theresa’s Story