We’re inviting you to join this wonderful group of JA Ambassadors to golf in Arizona’s most unique and exciting golf event, while positively impacting the life and future of thousands of young people in our community!

You will enjoy an entire golf course reserved for a limited number of players and free access to The Oasis, a “Party Tent” built right in the middle of the course! The event includes all-day open bar, unlimited food, cigars, champagne, great music and plenty of games. You’ll also be able to compete in the “Skills Challenge”, the “Horse Races”, and the many other contests throughout the day. In the afternoon a fun reception will complete the day with awards and prizes, as each player will receive their choice of amazing gifts, such as putters, golf bags and many more prizes. Think Taylor Made, Adidas, Nike, and Tommy Bahama.

Playing as a JA Ambassador in this spectacular event is FREE; however your “mission” is to enable at least another 40 students in Arizona to receive JA curriculum by raising $1,500 or more through sponsorships from companies, colleagues, friends, etc.

Last year, thanks to the Golfer’s Dream Day participants, an extra 2,550 young people in Arizona received Junior Achievement programs!

Participating in the JA Golfer’s Dream Day as a JA Ambassador is a Win, Win, and Win opportunity:

  • You enjoy a great day of golf and become a hero to thousands of children.
  • Your sponsors have the satisfaction of knowing they have a direct impact on Arizona’s children.
  • Arizona’s youth reap the benefits of JA programs – making the connection between obtaining an education and being successful in the workplace while learning about finances, free enterprise, integrity, respect, teamwork and leadership.

For more information, please contact Sarah Amaral at 480-219-0226 or saraha@jaaz.org.

Thank you greatly for your consideration in helping our youth and our community.

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