Gio.Wise Aims to Impact JA

Posted in: Partners, Support

Gio came to us with a clear mission – to empower youth to make positive choices and follow their dreams. It is no surprise, then, that we were thrilled to partner with this motivated young man to impact the students of Arizona.

With over 500K Tik Tok followers, kids admire Gio for his ambition, positive attitude, and impressive basketball skills. He shares his optimism and talent with the world and has gained attention from sponsors like American Eagle.

Gio has overcome adversity, bullying, and domestic struggles in his own home life. He chased his dream of being a basketball player after being told he wouldn’t succeed because of his height. Now Gio aims to inspire youth with the same hope he feels every day. When he went to his friend, a former JA volunteer, asking which nonprofit he could support to share his message of empowerment with youth, he instantly recommended Junior Achievement of Arizona.

Now, Gio is raising funds for JA to help make a positive impact on students just like him. “I am on board with JA’s morals,” he said in a recent interview. “What they are doing is the right thing. If I had JA, I would have had a lot more balance in my life.”

You can support Gio’s effort by following him on Instagram and Tik Tok (@gio.wise), and donating to his JA fundraiser at the link below. Together, we hope to empower thousands of Arizona students to aim for their dreams.