Your future is in your hands! JA is here to give you the tools you need to make sure you are prepared. Whether it is exploring interesting careers or learning to manage money, we can help you learn the skills you need to build the future you want!

Durango Transitional Center and Junior Achievement have partnered to provide you with financial literacy and career exploration tools to help plan for a bright future!



Explore the self-guided activities at your own pace to learn how to get the right job for you and to manage your money so you afford the things you want in life.



JA How to Calculate a Monthly Car Payment (Activity) – Learn how to calculate your monthly car payment using the rate, loan term and loan amount.

JA Applying for Financial Aid with FAFSA (Activity) – Learn more about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Form to apply for financial aid in college and develop a plan for your application.

JA Unexpected Expenses (Activity) – Emergencies are expensive and they happen when you least expect them! Learn about how you can prepare for financial emergencies when they happen.

JA Savings – Maxed Out (Activity) – Learn about how paying yourself first will help you save for your future goals.

JA Personal Finance – Budgeting (Activity) – Budgeting is important! Learn the basics of budgeting and how to navigate fixed, variable, and periodic expenses.

JA Credit and Debit Collections (Activity) – What is a credit score? Are all credit cards created equal? Learn about the basics how to navigate credit.

Planning for Financial Success (Activity) – Picking up healthy money habits can help you be financially successful. Explore some tips to help build habits that will help you be successful.

Sales and Property Taxes (Activity) – Nobody likes to pay taxes, but we all have to! Where do the taxes we pay go? What do they pay for? And why are there different types of taxes? Find all the answers and everything else you need to know about taxes here.



Exploring High Growth Careers (Activity) – Want to know what jobs are going to be in high demand? Being prepared helps you when you are exploring what career may be right for you.

JA Consumer Protection (Activity) – Everyone posts online, but the information you share leaves behind a footprint. Learn about your “digital tattoo” and what you can do to keep your information safe online.

JA Project Management (Activity) – Have you ever planned a party? Or maybe you have worked on a group project in school? If you have, then you already know a little about Project Management! Learn how your talents can make you a fantastic project manager, a skill adults spend a lot of time trying to learn.

JA Video Room (Videos) – Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Check out these short videos of about real-life young entrepreneurs, or business owners.

JA My Work Values and Responsibilities (Activity) – What makes a good worker? What values are important to you? This activity will help you decide.