JA Inspire Teacher Guide

Thank you for signing up to participate in JA Inspire! JA Inspire is Junior Achievement’s premier virtual career development and exploration program that combines career-readiness curriculum with a virtual career fair to equip students with the knowledge to create a pathway to their futures, beyond the classroom or facility!

Follow the below steps to get your teens ready for our on-demand JA Inspire Career Exploration Fair.

  1. Planning – How Many Lessons & When

    If your school/district has a pre-set plan, reference the plan to determine time and quantity of lessons.
    If you are setting your own plan, we can help! Contact your JA Education Manager to help.

  2. Access the Curriculum:

    Educators/facilitators can use our curriculum to further their kids’ career exploration experience.

    Access Curriculum Repository

  3. Student Pre-Check, Access JA Inspire and Complete Career Interest Inventory:

    Have your students complete the pre-check prior to delivering the curriculum so that we can track knowledge-gain.
    Access JA Inspire Exploration

  4. Teach other selected JA Inspire Lessons

    Based on the plan you set in Step 1 above.

  5. SMART Goals & Student Post-Check:


  6. Teacher Post-Check + Completion Statement

    Complete form

Please reach out to our JA Inspire team if you have any questions or need assistance