JA Inspire

Follow the below steps to get your high school teens ready for our on-demand JA Inspire Career Exploration Fair.

High School Instructions:

  1. Fill out the template with your participating students and upload so that JA can create an event login for each child.
  2. Download JA Inspire Student Guide instructions for your kids to use during their virtual career exploration.
  3. Have your youth complete the pre-survey prior to delivering the curriculum so that we can track knowledge gain.
  4. Curriculum: Educators/facilitators can use our curriculum to further their students’ career exploration experience.
  5. Access JA Inspire
  6. Please have students complete the post-survey after participating in the program.


Please contact your JA Education Manager if you have any questions or need assistance.


Sam Stevens, JA Inspire Director | samanthas@jaaz.org | 818-257-9209

Macie Chavez | maciec@jaaz.org | 480-219-0222

Carolyn Gorst | carolyng@jaaz.org | 520-360-6771

Maggie Jones | maggiej@jaaz.org | 520-792-2000

Miriam Robles | miriamr@jaaz.org | 480-219-0219

Taylor Schulte | taylors@jaaz.org | 480-219-0232