During this unique time, we want to help students continue their JA education at home and help parents make the most out of at-home learning. We are excited to offer live learning opportunities, both on Zoom and Instagram Live, on topics of financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship.

Live Zoom Lessons

Participate in a Junior Achievement lesson from the comfort of your computer! We are offering live lessons on Zoom for grade K-5 beginning in June! Check out the schedule below to see which classes you might be interested in. Then click below to register!




Zoom Lesson Schedule

Zoom Series 1: The ABC’s of Money (K-2 students)

  • Thursday, June 4th: “This or That?” and “Do I Need What I Want?”
    • Students make personal choices and start to learn that people have basic needs and wants and that money-smart people know the difference between them.
  • Tuesday, June 9th: “Jobs All Around the Neighborhood”
    • Students learn that entrepreneurs create businesses, which provide jobs for families and make neighborhoods better.
  • Thursday, June 11th: “A New Business”
    • Students think like entrepreneurs and help advertise a new business needed in the neighborhood.
  • Tuesday, June 16th: “People in a Community Work Together”
    • Students learn about communities and explore  careers that people have in a community and the skills they require.
  • Thursday, June 18th: “Let’s Vote”
    • Students participate in making decisions that benefit their school community. They vote to express their choice.

Zoom Series 2: Grades 3-5 – JA More Than Money

  • June 23rd
  • June 25th
  • June 30th
  • July 2nd
  • July 7th

Instagram Live Lessons

For 10 weeks we hosted short JA lessons on Instagram Live on the topics of financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. If you missed out, you can view the lessons at the link below!

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Past Videos


About our JA Live educator:

Jenny Hodges holds a Master’s Degree in elementary education and has educated children of all ages for over twenty years. When Jenny was a classroom teacher, she loved having volunteers teach the JA classroom programs to her students. She then became a Junior Achievement volunteer, herself, and taught the program in K-5 classrooms. Now, Jenny is a JA Education Manager and loves helping students have an amazing experience in JA BizTown.

Outside the classroom, Jenny is the former Arizona Regional Manager of Baby Signs and is the Founder of the Kids Love to Sign Program. After becoming a Certified Nutritional Consultant, she completed a PhD in Holistic Nutrition as well as extensive certification in Children’s Health and Nutrition. Jenny has worked with families and teachers on how food affects behavior and learning.

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