JA My Big Idea! Supports Future Entrepreneurs

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JA My Big Idea! is a new self-guided online program for 5th to 7th grade students designed to teach them about entrepreneurship.  In a five-week period, kids learn how to create an idea, set their product price, create a marketing tool, design a prototype and then pitch their product in a shark tank final competition.

Our Pilot cohort produced incredible results! Their business ideas were a wide range of social ventures to delicious baked goods to hand-carved crafts. They even designs their own logos and branding to accompany their products. Check out their amazing work below!


Caitlyn (12 years old) – Meaningful Masks

Caitlyn created masks with “inspiring quotes that keep everyone safe and in a good mood.” For example, one mask reads “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours”.


Joey (12 years old) – Positivitees

Joey created t-shirts with positive messages. His inspiration for the business came from the thought that “most bullying that goes on is because of a rough home life. If a bully saw a positive message it could change their day.”



Madison (12 years old) – Zeal of Devotion

Madison created reusable shopping bags with inspirational quotes such as “Iron sharpens iron”.


Eshaan (11 years old) – Birthday Party Games

Eshaan created a business that offers “virtual games that you can play at a birthday party.”





Brynn (11 years old) – Sacred Scones

Brynn created a business that offers a monthly subscription of a selection of scones. Since the launch of her idea, she has already acquired 11 customers!


Rachel (11 years old) – Fudge Wonderland

Rachel created a business selling homemade fudge. When asked why she chose fudge as her product, she replied, “I am selling fudge because first of all fudge is delicious. And second of all Sometimes you need to cheat, and a little bit of fudge is the perfect thing.”

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our video from the closing ceremonies of JA My Big Idea!


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