JA Robo Sellers Video Flyer (Game): Start your own robot business, become a robot merchant, and make a tidy profit!

JA Entrepreneurial Strengths and Talents (Find the accompanying activity here) (Interactive Presentation): Identify the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur and develop a plan for building entrepreneurial skills.

JA Money Jar Podcast: Social Pressure and Teen Entrepreneurship (Podcast): Social pressures can often prevent teens from branching out and becoming entrepreneurs. In this episode, Carrie Wilkerson discusses the barriers that face adolescents and provides inspiring advice for becoming a young entrepreneur and getting results.

JA Money Jar Podcast: Entrepreneurial Advice from the Tech World (Podcast): If you have dreams of starting a company, how do you do it? In this rerun episode of The Money JAR, Todd and Evan interview the co-founder of Hearsay Social, Steve Garrity, who started his own social media company.

BizKids: Entrepreneurship (Videos and Activities): The BizKids show you how to become a young entrepreneur, from brainstorming new ideas, to marketing a product, selling to customers, and making a profit.