The Money Jar Podcast: Credit Scores and FinTok(Podcast): The Money JAR is excited to talk to some of these creators and see what FinTok (the financial side of TikTok) can offer our listeners when they have more than sixty seconds to deliver their advice!

JA Checklist for Creating a Monthly Budget(create using JA Monthly Budget Tool) (Activity): Create a budget and track your saving and spending

JA Paying for College Post-High School (Activity): Explore options for paying for college

The Money Jar Podcast: Establishing Credit(Podcast): Getting a credit card can be a daunting experience for some people…especially teens and their parents. On this week’s episode, we talk to Producer, Alex Ward about his decision to avoid using credit cards thus far, and its resulting implications.

BizKids: Credit and Debit(Videos and Activities): The BizKids bust the myths and delve into the mysteries surrounding credit and debt. Learn all about credit scores, loans, and that pesky plastic.

JA Different Types of Loans (Video): Learn how you can borrow money through banks.

JA Planning for Financial Success (Interactive Slideshow): Have you thought about your financial future? Learn more about the benefits of financial goal planning.

JA Unexpected Expenses (Find the accompanying worksheet here) (Interactive Slideshow): Learn how unexpected expenses can impact your budget and how an emergency fund can help.

JA Sales and Property Taxes (Interactive Slideshow): Taxes are unavoidable and can affect your financial decision making. Learn the impact taxes have on your decisions.

JA Money Jar Podcast: Protecting identity and credit (Podcast): Protecting your identity is important to keep your money in your bank account and make sure your credit score isn’t compromised. With our guest, Hugh Norton from Visa, we address how to talk about identity protection strategies with your kids to make sure their debit account and credit score are both safe.

JA Risk and Insurance(Activity):  Interactive learning experience about risk and different ways insurance can help protect us.

JA Next Level Student Budget (Activity): Learn how to create a budget and track your saving and spending.

JA Economics Investigation (Reading): Six different readings and investigations about micro and macro economics.

Resources to Help Navigate Important Conversations With Teens (Reading): Parents, use these tools to help your teen to pursue their dreams and become financially stable, independent adults.