Pipeline AZ (Quiz): Quickly see how your passions and skills match with available career pathways, then connect with everything you need to get there.

JA Inspire (Interactive Experience): Explore careers, network with Arizona employers, and attend panel discussions in JA’s premier virtual career exploration fair!

JA STEMBOT (Activity): Learn about STEM careers and practice STEM skills while solving puzzles and playing games.

JA The Money Jar Podcast: Cool Careers – Physical Therapist (Podcast): This week on the Money JAR, we catch up with Todd’s physical therapist, Dr. John Zdor, to hear about this ever-growing career field.

JA Career Speaker Series (Videos): Learn about different skills, careers, businesses, and opportunities from real-world professionals! Thank you to everyone who has participated in this project.

Explore High-Demand STEM Careers (Activity): Learn about STEM careers and ways to prepare for these careers while still in school.

Research Your Dream Job! (Reading): Are you curious about the salary, demand, and education requirements of the careers you are interested in? Explore the answers here!

JA Access Your Future (also available on iTunes and Google Play): An app that helps break down cost of goals and dreams into real and usable numbers.

JA Self-Knowledge Treasure Hunt (Reading):  Skills, interests, and values help you focus in on what kids of jobs and careers you might like. Do you know yours?

JA My Way (Interactive Online Activities): Keep your career goals on track through learning about your personality, career options, resumes saving for college, and more!

JA Career Decisions (Find the accompanying worksheet here) (Presentation): Create a career plan based upon your interests and talents and learn how to set SMART goals to achieve your plan.