JA Grades Count! (Find the accompanying worksheet here) (Interactive Lesson): Do your grades really matter? Explore the consequences of grades and other factors that can affect college options and scholarships.

JA My Way (Interactive Online Activity): Keep your career goals on track through learning about your personality, career options, resumes, saving for college and more!

JA Soft Skills Self-Assessment (Activity): Analyze which soft skills you are good at and which need work.

JA The Money Jar Podcast Money Jar Podcasts: Using Grit – Resilience Through Perseverance (Podcast): Cody Coleman overcame significant barriers through mentorship, courage and grit. Cody has used the power of passion and perseverance to discover success – he now holds two degrees from MIT and is a PhD Candidate at Stanford University.

JA Work Values (Presentation): Explore how to get and keep a job.

JA The Money Jar Podcast: Handling Conflicts and Arguments (Podcast): Disagreements, arguments, and conflict are a part of the human experience. There are ways to disagree productively, though, and it shouldn’t have to be a source of anxiety to bring up a problem in the workplace or at home.

JA The Money Jar Podcast: Emotional Health and Student Success (Podcast): Anxiety is affecting teens at an alarming rate. In this rerun episode, we hear from an expert who explains how students and parents can help promote emotional health and deal with anxiety.

JA 10-Year Goal Plan (Activity): Use this worksheet to start analyzing how to reach your 10-year goals.

JA Project Management (Interactive Tutorial): Learn about project management using different tutorials.

A Quick Guide to Business Etiquette Around the World (Reading): Use this cultural guide to make smart etiquette decisions.