During this unique time in our community, we are doing our part to help ensure students continue their JA education at home and help parents make the most out of at-home learning.

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Instagram Live Learning

Please join us in the mornings (Tuesday-Thursday at 10 a.m.) on Instagram for live lessons around managing money, succeeding in our future careers and thinking entrepreneurially!

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Instagram Live Learning Schedule


JA Financial Terms Dictionary

JA Risk and Insurance – Upper Elementary Grades Interactive Game

Bank of America (grades 1-3): How to teach children the basics of budgeting

Bank Teller Computations (you can find the answer key here)

Cha-Ching Money Management Video: Earn, Save, Spend & Donate

Cha-Ching Money Management Video:  Saving for Success

Choosing a Financial Institution

Compare and Contrast Payment Methods

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Money As You Grow

Education.com (includes free worksheets and printables)

FDIC Money Smart lessons

Goods and Services

Interest in Your Favor

John’s Shopping Day

Learning economics with Minecraft (3rd-5th grades)

Money Math Worksheets & Printable Practice – for Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade

Money Resource Guide Games for Kids

Money Tracker and BINGO (here’s a video on how to fill in the tracker!)

PBS LearningMedia Short Videos (topics include Learning to Save, Eating out Vs. At Home, Saving Over Time, Spend, Save, Share, How a check works, Early Savers, etc.)

Teaching kids about money at home

The Debit Card Transaction

The Pet Watcher

U.S. Mint h.i.p Pocket Change Games & Resources

U.S. News & World Report book recommendations

Wells Fargo: Hands-on Banking


Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Exploration

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupation VideosCommunity Helpers Matching Game worksheet

Extended Learning Opportunity: Be an Architect: Be an architect for a day. Build a model of a bridge that might one day support your family as you drive across it. Use paper and tape to build a bridge between two chairs without it touching the floor. Test it out by putting objects of different weights on it. Redesign if needed!

Extended Learning Opportunity: Be an Engineer



JA Video Library

BizKids$ Starting Your Own Business Interactive Games

Brightly books recommendations

My Entrepreneurial Traits

Post-It Note Discovery

The Color of Resources Game

The Money Jar Podcasts

What is Free Enterprise?

Yahoo! Finance Teaching Children How to Be Entrepreneurs


JA Excellence Through Ethics

Economics Word Search (see the answer key here)

My Family Flag




Other JA Online Learning Resources

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