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JA Checklist for Creating a Monthly Budget (create using JA Monthly Budget Tool) (Activity) – Create a budget and track your saving and spending

JA Paying for College Post High School (Activity) – Explore options for paying for college

Credit, Loans, Managing Money, and Debt (Reading) – Learn the basics about these important topics

Dealing with Financial Challenges (Reading, Quiz, Tools) – Articles and tools that teach you how to manage your money through a crisis and set yourself up for financial success

Resources to Help Navigate Important Conversations with Teens (Reading) – Tools for parents to use to help your teen to pursue their dreams and become financially stable, independent adults

Smart About Money Online Courses (Free Online Courses) – Self-directed 45 minute online courses on basic money management topics (Credit and Debt, Insurance, Looking for Employment, Spending and Saving)

The Rule of 72 and Retirement Planning (Reading) – Discover how to build your wealth and prepare for retirement

Tools to Help Make Informed Financial Decisions (Reading) – Get answers to commonly asked financial questions

Understanding Compound Interest (Reading) – Learn the basics of compound interest and how to use it to your advantage

Your Child’s Fortune: 10 Tips to Teach Investing to Kids (Reading) – It’s never too early to start teaching your child about investing


JA Access Your Future (App) – Use this tool to break down the cost of achieving your career goals into real, easy-to-understand numbers

JA Getting to Know Excel (Interactive Tutorial) – Learn how to use Excel

JA Getting to Know PowerPoint (Interactive Tutorial) – Learn how to use PowerPoint

JA Getting to Know Word (Interactive Tutorial) – Learn how to use Word

A Quick Guide to Business Etiquette Around the World (Reading) – Use this cultural guide to make smart etiquette decisions

Explore Occupations and Compare Their Growth Rates, Salaries, and Educational Requirements (Interactive Tool) – Research and learn about the careers that interest you

ME3.com: Major and Career Quiz (Interactive Activity) – Find a major, degree program and career that fits you with this online interactive major and career quiz

Other JA Online Learning Resources

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