First Grade – JA Our Families

This program is typically for first grade students and consists of 5 individual guided videos and activities links to share and discuss with your students. Feel free to also utilize these in your Google Classroom! You may also share these resources with your student’s parents/guardians so they can complete them at home.

JA Our Families introduces students to entrepreneurship and learning objectives for first-grade social studies. The lessons emphasize the roles people play in the local economy and engages students with activities about families, neighborhoods, money, needs, wants, jobs, skills, goods/services, and entrepreneurial characteristics.

Program overview: https://www.jaaz.org/program/ja-our-families/

Program objectives are to teach students to:

  • Begin to understand the similarities and differences between families
  • Begin to understand that families must earn money to pay for the things they need and want
  • Recognize the importance of businesses to a neighborhood
  • Identify entrepreneurs
  • Interpret map symbols
  • Identify the goods and services businesses provide
  • Identify the jobs people do


Session 1: All Kinds of Families

Session 2: Money for Needs and Wants

Session 3: Businesses All Around the Neighborhood

Session 4: Jobs All Around the Neighborhood

Session 5: A New Business