Fourth Grade – JA Our Region

This program is typically for fourth grade students and consists of 5 individual guided videos and activities links to share and discuss with your students. Feel free to also utilize these in your Google Classroom! You may also share these resources with your student’s parents/guardians so they can complete them at home.

JA Our Region is an interdisciplinary program that introduces fourth-grade students to entrepreneurship and upper elementary grade social studies learning objectives, including regions, resources, supply chains, and problem solving. The program provides students with a practical approach to starting a business while preparing them to be entrepreneurial in their thinking to meet the requirements of a demanding and ever-changing workforce.

Program overview: https://www.jaaz.org/program/ja-our-region/

Program objectives are to teach students to:

  • Recognize the impact entrepreneurs have on a region
  • Apply trains that are common to successful entrepreneurs to their own skills and abilities
  • Define natural, human, and capital resources
  • Define revenue, expenses, profit, and loss
  • Identify the potential risk and rewards in making business decisions
  • Apply the supply chain to a manufacturing example
  • Explain how resource providers, businesses, and consumers are interdependent

Start: Pre-test

Before beginning, we ask that each student complete a short pre-test so that we may better track student’ knowledge gain. Click below to get started!


Session 1: Be an Entrepreneur

Session 2: Resources: Tools for Entrepreneurs

Session 3: Hot Dog Stand Game

Session 4: Entrepreneurs Solve Problems

Session 5: Entrepreneurs Go Global


Please have each student complete a short post-test so that we can track students’ knowledge gain.

Take Post-Test

*If you are an educator and would like a copy of your students’ pre- and post-tests, please contact Colleen at colleenc@jaaz.org.