Kindergarten – JA Ourselves

This program is typically for Kindergarten students and consists of 5 individual guided videos and activities links to share and discuss with your students. Feel free to also utilize these in your Google Classroom! You may also share these resources with your student’s parents/guardians so they can complete them at home.

JA Ourselves introduces kindergarten students to the intersection of financial literacy and early elementary grades social studies learning objectives. It combines compelling stories and lessons that introduce personal economics and the choices consumers make to meet their needs and wants. It also introduces students to the role of money in society while providing them with practical information about earning, saving, and sharing money.

Program Overview: https://www.jaaz.org/program/ja-ourselves/

Program objectives are to teach students to:

  • Consider the factors that determine personal choices
  • Define money
  • Explain the difference between needs and wants
  • Describe the role of money in society
  • Identify jobs they can do to earn money
  • Explain the importance of saving money
  • Explain the importance of giving


Session 1: This or That? Make a Choice

Session 2: Do I Need What I Want?

Session 3: A Penny Earned

Session 4: A Penny Saved

Session 5: A Penny Shared