JA Economics for Success

JA Economics for Success is typically for sixth through eighth grade students and consists of 6 individual guided videos and activity links to share and discuss with your students. It provides practical information about the importance of identifying education, career, and life goals based upon a student’s skills, interests, and values. The program also will expand their knowledge of personal finance—including smart budgeting, wise credit use, and minimizing financial risk—so they can apply strong financial management skills regardless of their income.

Feel free to also utilize these in your Google Classroom! You may also share these resources with your student’s parents/guardians so they can complete them at home.

Program overviewhttps://www.jaaz.org/program/program-3/

Program objectives are to teach students to:

  • Use personal reflection to explain self-knowledge.
  • Apply their skills, interests, and values to help determine a potential career path.
  • Identify the connection between goal setting, personal finance, education, and career choices.
  • Apply decision making to education and career choices.
  • Recognize that a balanced budget is important for all workers.
  • Define the term income and differentiate between gross and net income.
  • Name ways to balance a budget.
  • Identify the differences between debit and credit cards.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of both cards.
  • Recognize the importance of taking personal responsibility for financial decisions.
  • Describe the favorable or unfavorable consequences of a high or low personal credit score.
  • Explain actions that cause a credit score to go up or down.
  • Explore the cost and consequence of risk.
  • Explain how insurance provides a method to minimize financial risk.
  • Identify the opportunity cost of having insurance.
  • Assess how personal responsibility plays a part in minimizing risk.


Start: Pre-Test

Before beginning, we ask that each student complete a short pre-test so that we may better track students’ knowledge gain. Click below to get started!


Session 1: Mirror, Mirror

Session 2: Be a Success

Session 3: Keeping Your Balance

Session 4: Savvy Shopper

Session 5: Keeping Score

Session 6: What’s the Risk?


Please have each student complete a short post-test so that we can track students’ knowledge gain.

Take Post-Test

*If you are an educator and would like a copy of your students’ pre- and post-tests, please contact Colleen at colleenc@jaaz.org.