JA Global Marketplace

JA Global Marketplace is typically for sixth through eighth grade students and consists of 6 individual guided videos and activity links to share and discuss with your students. It introduces students to the global marketplace and the ways in which countries buy and sell from each other. Students gain an understanding of producers and consumers in the interconnected global market. They will analyze the similarities and differences among countries and the effects of free enterprise.

Feel free to also utilize these in your Google Classroom! You may also share these resources with your student’s parents/guardians so they can complete them at home.

Program overview:   https://www.jaaz.org/program/ja-global-marketplace/

Program objectives are to teach students to:

  • Identify what a business gains from an exchange with a customer.
  • Identify what a customer gains from an exchange with a business.
  • Identify business-related cultural differences around the world.
  • Explain the need for international businesses to take into account their customers’ cultural differences to provide for them and make a profit.
  • Define specialization.
  • Identify examples of trade barriers and analyze their consequences.


Start: Pre-Test

Before beginning, we ask that each student complete a short pre-test so that we may better track students’ knowledge gain. Click below to get started!


Session 1: Business and Customer

Session 2: Business and Culture

Session 3: Global Trade

Session 4: Why Countries Specialize

Session 5: Trade Barriers

Session 6: Currency


Please have each student complete a short post-test so that we can track students’ knowledge gain.

Take Post-Test

*If you are an educator and would like a copy of your students’ pre- and post-tests, please contact Colleen at colleen@jaaz.org.