Who is Junior Achievement of AZ?

Junior Achievement of Arizona prepares students to succeed in work and life.
For over 65 years, Junior Achievement of Arizona (JA) has been preparing millions of Arizona students to succeed in work and life. We are empowering students by providing them the knowledge and skills they need to manage their money and make smart academic, career, and economic choices. The foundation of all our programs is teaching students the ability to think critically.

JA’s programs focus on three key areas: money management, work and career-readiness, and entrepreneurship. Last year, JA helped over 170,000 students, meeting them wherever and however they are learning today. Our programs help them connect what they learn in class to the real world and demonstrate how learning correlates to earning – knowledge critical to empowering today’s students to be successful, contributing members of society in the future.

Why JA Inspire?

Not all students receive career mentorship at home, and JA Inspire provides the opportunity for students to begin exploring their future career options. This program allows students to gain real insights on what industries interest them, what specific jobs are like, and what education is required to do them successfully. For businesses, this is a chance to build your workforce and start showcasing the careers that will be needed for your business in the future! 

What will students do at JA Inspire?

Students will have the chance to explore future career opportunities by visiting virtual career booths featuring different industries where they can watch videos, download career information into their virtual backpack, and utilize the Q&A option to ask questions. They can also access on-demand webinars from industry experts in our Virtual Auditorium that includes tips on topics like career pathways, interviewing, resume writing, and soft skills.  Explore – Connect – Discover.

What is the cost to attend JA Inspire?

Thanks to support from our generous sponsors, there is NO COST for students to attend JA Inspire!

Are there student instructions for the virtual career expo?

Yes. A downloadable Student Events Guide is located in the JA Inspire booth for students. Students should follow the guide and make sure they visit the Exhibit Halls, Auditorium, Lounge, and Leaderboard, as well as participate in a virtual Scavenger Hunt and be entered to win great prizes! 

Will students be able to gather and retain information from the event?

Yes. Students can add documents, video links, and reference links to their personal Virtual Backpack and download the content to themselves after they finish their exploration. 

How do I register my students to attend?

Visit our JA Inspire page on our website and select the Educator button.

Can a student attend even if their school is not participating in the event?

Yes. Individual students 8th–12th grade can register by using the REGISTER button on the JA Inspire landing page and follow the simple steps to register. Students 12 years of age or younger will need their parent/guardian to register them. 

Can parents and other guests visit the career expo?

Yes. Parents, guardians, and guests can register using the Register button on the JA Inspire landing page and follow the simple steps to register.

How will student information be used? 

Student information is used to create a unique student login to access the JA Inspire site and will not be stored.