Moving On Up at JA

Posted in: JA Team

We are happy to announce three new roles on JA’s leadership team: Anne Landers as Vice President, Marketing and Development, Elizabeth Clements as Vice President, Human Resources and Administration and Amy Schaefer as Controller. These three remarkable JA staff members have made incredible contributions to the organization and truly deserve their newly appointed titles!

Elizabeth Clements, Vice President of Human Resources and Administration

Elizabeth has been with us for 11 years, has built our team, culture and organization into one of our community’s Best Places to Work, and she has also led the transformation of JA’s technology infrastructure. As Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, she will continue to lead JA into the future while keeping best practices in mind.


Amy Schaefer, Controller

Amy has been with our organization for 10 years and has stepped up the last couple years to take the lead accounting and finance role, playing an integral part in positioning us for future success including ensuring clean audits annually. Her role and contributions to the organization have greatly impacted and influenced JA as we know it today.



Anne Landers, Vice President of Marketing and Development

Anne has been with JA for 6 years and has re-engineered our marketing and data management programs to greatly improve our fundraising and constituent communications. She goes above and beyond to see that the organization is successful and will certainly continue do so in her new role.




The three of them do so much more for JA and our students than their job titles describe and we can’t imagine JA without them. Congratulations!