JA Alumni Story: Indelisa Lee

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For Indelisa “Isa” Lee, a college student living in Tolleson, Arizona, her experience with Junior Achievement was not just a fun field trip, but an important stepping stone in her life’s journey. Like many that have come before her, the valuable skills that she gained while participating in JA programs proved to be essential to her current role and future work.

Isa was in 5th grade when she first experienced Junior Achievement. Her class had the opportunity to participate in the JA BizTown program where students learn work and life skills that culminate in a visit to a miniature town the students run for the day. Isa recalls the workbooks they used during lessons, practicing key skills like how to balance a checkbook register and handle cash. As the field trip approached, Isa was thrilled to learn that she would be “CFO” of State Farm Insurance for the day.

During her JA BizTown simulation, Isa got to demonstrate the skills which she had practiced and enjoyed the opportunity to learn along side her classmates as they got to “adults” for the day. “They just don’t teach you about loans and check registers in school,” she noted as she reflected on her time in JA BizTown. “Getting experience about banking and learning how a job works in the real world really prepares you for your work.” Isa had the great fortune of returning to JA in 8th grade to participate in JA Finance Park, and little did she know that only five short years later she would be using the very same skill set in an “adult job” of her own.

Isa and her family knew the value of hard work. She and her siblings were set to be first generation college graduates and Isa had her heart set on becoming a nurse. As she made her way through her undergraduate program, she knew she had to get a job to support herself. Utilizing the “cash handling and people skills that came from [her] JA experience,” Isa landed a job as a bank teller for Wells Fargo.

It wasn’t until she returned to JA’s BizTown as a volunteer that she learned how her life had come full circle. Wells Fargo has a shop in the town where she once “worked” as a student. Isa was thrilled to learn that Wells Fargo supports JA programs and the great skills it provides for students like her. “Now I get to be a part of a company that donates to JA. To actually see that is so awesome,” she stated excitedly on her lunch break. “JA teaches you about real life and it’s such a wonderful program.” Isa is set to graduate in May and can’t wait to continue building her skills in her future career.