18 Under 18 Highlight: Tatum Stolworthy

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In our Junior Achievement 18 Under 18 recipients series, we’re next highlighting Tatum Stolworthy. Tatum has taken on some of childhood’s (and life’s!) most challenging topics and is winning!

We are honored to recognize her. Read on the hear why she was selected as an inaugural Junior Achievement 18 Under 18!

Tatum Stolworthy, Corona Del Sol, Tempe 17 years old

When Tatum sees a problem, she finds a way to fix it. That’s how she formed Music As Therapy, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides music therapists and instruments for children and adults.

When she lost a friend to suicide, she knew it was time to get to work. She didn’t wait for adults to step in to solve the problem. Tatum built consensus and positively impacted schools across Tempe.

“The Aztec Strong club at Corona del Sol makes sure that teens have help and hope,” she said. “I was very persistent to get the Teen Lifeline information on the back of our school IDs.”

Now all Tempe high school students can reach out to people who can help.“I’m in touch with Teen Lifeline very often,” she said. “It’s helping. They are getting calls from Corona. The whole goal was to spread hope, and that’s what we’re doing.”After graduation, Tatum plans to devote a year to her singing career in Los Angeles. She intends to keep Music As Therapy going – it’s already raised almost $60,000 to benefit places like Gigi’s Playhouse and Sophie’s Place.

What do you want to be doing in 10 years? I definitely will want to still work on my nonprofit. But I definitely see myself becoming a mother and starting a family. My main goal in life is to have a family. I have such a great family.

Who’s your biggest inspiration? Marie Osmond. She was one of the main starters of the Children’s Miracle Network. I find that so inspirational. Not only is she an amazing performer and singer, but she used her talents to help others. Without her being known for her music, she couldn’t have raised that much money.

What’s the best advice you’ve received? Never give up. For Teen Lifeline in the school, once we lost our friend, we did have a lot of people thinking that we shouldn’t be talking about suicide. It was a battle, trying to get Teen Lifeline and trying to spread hope.

very day. He’s encouraged me. Just because one person’s light shines, it doesn’t mean another’s is dimmer. We can all grow and thrive together.