JA My Big Idea Student Spotlight: Caitlyn

Posted in: Students

“JA is important because when we grow up and learn about business, this will give us a head start and help us along the way and we will know everything beforehand.”

JA student, Caitlyn, participated in the JA My Big Idea program as a way to expand on her blossoming entrepreneurial interests and gain some tools and resources to help start her own business. It is because of the program that her small business, Meaningful Masks, has reached new heights and she was recently featured on AZFamily News!

“My masks keep people safe from COVID and give them something positive in their lives,” Caitlyn noted during her recent interview with JA. We virtually checked in with Caitlyn to hear her thoughts on participating in the JA My Big Idea program, designed to teach students about entrepreneurship and provide them with the tools they need to start their own businesses.

During the interview, Caitlyn spoke of her experience in JA BizTown a couple years prior, which she credits for providing her “the vocabulary [she] needed to participate in JA My Big Idea.” Now she is making masks for healthcare workers through Operation Everyone as well as creating masks for her individual customers, all while being a seventh grader in middle school. Check out her interview and hear why she thinks JA is important for students like her.