JA My Big Idea! is a new self-guided online pilot program for 5th to 6th grade students designed to teach students about entrepreneurship.  In a five-week period, students learn how to create an idea, set their product price, create a marketing tool, design a prototype and then pitch their product in a shark tank final competition.


  • Be able to define entrepreneurship and know the difference between a regular and social entrepreneur
  • Understand the difference between a product and a service
  • Create an idea for a new business
  • Know how to compute the price of a new product
  • Understand the definition of marketing and create a marketing tool to promote their idea
  • Create a prototype and investor pitch to fund their new product

Week 1

Activity 1 – JA My Big Idea! Program Introduction: This session will provide a live program overview with delivery milestones, JA resources available to students, parent involvement, and a Q&A session.
Activity 2 – What is an Entrepreneur?: Students are introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship and learn the difference between regular and social entrepreneurs.
Activity 3 – What is Your Big Idea?: Students will brainstorm and develop their product or service idea.
Activity 4 – Help With Your Big Idea Q&A Webinar: Students have the opportunity to ask an entrepreneur questions to help them come up with an idea if they are struggling.

Week 2

Activity 1 – Developing a Prototype – My Shopping List: Students will compile a list of the materials they will need to create their product and research the cost to create one unit of their product.
Activity 2 – The Price is Right – How Much Should You Charge?: Students determine what they will price their product after determining their cost per product and their competitors’ pricing.

Week 3

Activity 1 – Introduction to Marketing – The 4 P’s: Students will be introduced to marketing using the 4 P’s.
Activity 2 – Marketing My Big Idea!: Students will decide on their target market and create their marketing tool(s).

Week 4

Activity 1 – Finding Funding: Students learn ways to seek funding from potential investors.
Activity 2 – Putting it All Together!: Students will finalize their business pitch to investors by completing the Pitch Deck.
Activity 3 – Program Feedback and Evaluation: Students will complete SurveyMonkey Post Test and Evaluation survey.

Week 5

My Big Idea Closing Celebration: Live closing celebration with JA staff, parents and participating students


This year’s students produced some amazing products demonstrating exceptional innovation and creativity. Does your student have a “Big Idea”? Stay tuned for information about our next cohort!