JA Money in Motion

Junior Achievement of Arizona is partnering with rural schools throughout Arizona to provide our new program, JA Money in Motion, at no cost to your school. JA Money in Motion teaches kindergarten through 12th grade students how to plan for their financial futures and gives them the knowledge they need to own their economic success.


This simulation-based program brings a realistic, on-site mobile experience to your students where they engage with volunteers and put into practice what they have learned to create a personal budget. Additionally, the program offers optional educator-led customizable curriculum to help students make the most of their JA Money In Motion experience.


  • Recognize the categories of a budget and learn to prioritize in a successful spending plan.
  • Define taxes, explain their purpose, and understand how they affect everyone.
  • Create a successful budget using a hypothetical life scenario (career, salary, credit score, and family situation).
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using credit and debit cards.
  • Explore the income and earning potentials associated with different jobs.

JA Money in Motion complements what your hard-working educators are already doing to prepare our youth to succeed in the future, both personally and professionally. Are you in?