JA Inspire

JA Inspire Virtual is a re-imagined, virtual Career Exploration fair that allows Arizona middle and high school students to explore the careers of the future and equip them with critical work readiness skills, ultimately preparing them for success.

The only program of its kind in Arizona, JA Inspire connects students to our state’s top industries and businesses via our on-demand virtual experience with three parts: (1) online, pre-event career assessment and preparatory lesson(s); (2) the virtual career experience; and (3) a post-event reflection and debrief. Combined, this program offers valuable context for students’ career and educational pathway planning.

Within the virtual experience, students attend webinars, explore local and national company and career booths, download resources, view videos on career pathways, and have the opportunity to interact with industry experts from many different Arizona businesses, in a safe and virtual experience that can be adapted for in-person/remote or synchronous/asynchronous learning.

Check out our map of participating Arizona schools!

Join us in empowering the future in Arizona

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