During this unique time in our community, we are doing our part to help ensure students continue their JA education at home and help parents make the most out of at-home learning.

Have ideas on other resources you’d like to see added? Send us a line.

We will be continuing to add to the content in the coming days so bookmark this page and check back often.

Instagram Live Learning

Please join us in the mornings (Tuesday-Thursday at 10 a.m.) on Instagram for live lessons around managing money, succeeding in our future careers and thinking entrepreneurially!

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Instagram Live Learning Schedule

A Place to Start – JA $AVE, USA

Looking for other great at-home learning lessons? This is a great place to start! This short program will give the student in your life a great foundation for managing money. Then, they can continue on to the other resources in the section below.

Online Learning Resources


Other Ideas for @Home Learning