JA Finance Park®

Our JA Finance Park® program invests in youth now so they can navigate the financial waters in the future. An experiential, real-life simulation, JA Finance Park first provides a series of lessons in the classroom to middle and high school students where they learn about all aspects of personal finance including learning about balancing a family budget, interest rates, how education affects their earning potential, and how saving today can affect their future.

Then, students come to our simulation learning facility to put their new knowledge into action. During this half-day experience, students assume randomly-assigned family and income scenarios and visit businesses to gather information for their personal financial decision-making. They utilize banking services, purchase housing, transportation, insurance, furnishings, health care, and other expenses, as well as make investment decisions.

Assisted by volunteer mentors, students work to balance their personal budget and learn to make choices that support their future goals. This hands-on experience lays a solid foundation for students’ future decision-making.

JA Finance Park Virtual

For those who can’t visit our facility, we have brought the JA Finance Park experience to the digital world! Our JA Finance Park Virtual program has all of the fun and learning that you get from the in-person simulation, but can be accessed right from your classroom. Learn more about how you can bring JA Finance Park to YOUR class!

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JA Finance Park’s Impact

New Research Shows JA Finance Park® Increases Students’ Financial Capability. JA Finance Park first provides 14 in-class lessons to middle.... Tell me more