Become a member of Junior Achievement’s Summit Society and make a difference in the lives of JA students this year and into the future. When you join the JA Summit Society, you are joining a group of distinguished individuals in Arizona who are committed to shaping our combined future.

With the support of our Summit Society members, we prepare AZ students to succeed in their future careers and life. Our Summit Society’s combined voice tells our students we see them, believe in them and are investing in their future.

Join an esteemed group of other individuals and shape the futures of hundreds of JA students every year.


  • Invitation to an exclusive annual JA Summit Society get-together
  • Exclusive annual update from the President
  • Inclusion in the JA Summit Society list below and in the JA Annual Impact Recap
  • Opportunities to connect with JA students, staff and other community members who share a passion for JA’s mission and impact

To become the newest member of the JA Summit Society, complete the form below or contact Sam Alpert, our Chief Development Officer at sama@jaaz.org or 602.531.3308.


Akkangari Reddy
Alice and Jeff Smiley
Amy Schaefer
Anthony Geyer
Antonia Sanchez
Art and Paula Tellez
Arturo Pérez
Arturo Quezada
Barbara Treick
Beth Jo Zeitzer and Adam Nach
Bill and Chrisie Ballard
Bill and Kay Shover
Brad Harper
Brad Schiff
Brian H. Kloss
Brian T. Poli
Brittany Fuentes
Bruce and Kathy Weber
Bryan Taylor
Bud and Irene Stock
Burton Family Foundation
Cary W. Smith
Chad Thurston
Char and Alan Augenstein
Charlie and Jennie Smith
Chris and Anne Landers
Chuck Zaepfel
Clayton Janson
Colleen Cox
Craig and Barbara Barrett Foundation
Craig and Caralyn Robb
Dan and Nancy McAuliffe
David and Paige Cogdall
Deborah Johnson
DiAnna Huntsman
Dion and Sherry Ethell
Don and Michelle Wendel
Dr. Heidi Jannenga
Dr. Neil and Jill Fernandes
Dr. Stevie Eller
Eli Peart
Elizabeth McNamee
Elizabeth and Jeremy Wilson
Eric and Christine Baim
Foster Friess
Frances Lemer
Frank Marino
Grant and Patricia Waterkotte
Gregg R. and Patty Mosby
Heather Arnaud

Howard Nute
Howard Stewart
Hubert J. Johnson
Irlanda Cuevas-Leyva
Ivory Rhudy
Jack N. Rudel
James Carroll
Jason and Tammy Schneider
Jay Ennesser
Jeannine Watanabe
Jeff and Marissa Schelter
Jeffrey Geyer
Jennifer L. Frank
Jennifer O’Brien
Jennifer S. Higgins
Jessica Graves
Jim and Linda Fischetti
Jim Wessel
Joan R. Hibdon
Joanna Gonos
Joel A. Legoretta
John B. Fung
John Schaible
Josh and Dianna Charbonneau
Joss and Angel Francheterre
Karen and Pat Fletcher
Karen Quick
Karl and Elizabeth Freeburg
Kathleen K. Smith
Katherine and Rick Cecala
Kenneth Ragsdale
Kerri Schrage
Kevin Kopp
Kimberly A. Anderson
Krik Erickson
Lawrence J. Lippert
Leah M. Karpuk
Lee Evans
Levin Family Charitable Foundation
Lisa and Mike Shore
Lori and Doug Bartlett
Nicholas Wanat
Margaret Schaefer
Mark and Sara Eversden
Martha A. Chinnock
Mary Jean Snell
Matt and Anna Mooney
Michael and Beth Kasser United Way Fund
Michael Ripp
Michael Suba

Micheline Faver
Mike Krienitz
Moreno Family Foundation
Myshell Gresham
Nathan F. Erickson
Ole Borch-Christensen
Olivia Howerton
Paloma A. Santiago
Paige Cogdall
Patricia Hildt
Patrice Buckhardt
Paul K. and Rachel Batt
Phil and Nancy Kerkhoff Foundation
Ramey and Kelly Peru
Raymond Smith
Rob Barrett
Rob and Martha Chinnock
Rob and Stephanie Martensen
Robert and Susan Healy
Robyn Cummings
Rosenbluth Family Foundation
Russ and Jessica Jorgensen
Ruth A. Carlton
Ryan and Lisa Calkins
Sean Bohl
Shari and Chuck Warshaver
Stella Shanovich
Steve Pangburn
Steve Pincus
Steve Richins
Steve and Laura Schaeffer
Steven Seiler
Stuart Gross
Suzie Eyrich
Ted and Heather Raymond
Terry and Darren Hurst Legacy Foundation
Theresa Conti
The Klein Family
The Verne C. Johnson Family Foundation
Thomas Morgan
Tiffany House
Tim and Marcia Wepfer
Tony and Sandy Pistilli
Trevor Wilde
Vanessa and Sam Alpert
Vijay Kapur
Walt and Mary Coelt
Wendell and Sandra Jones
William B. Cassidy
Zicarelli Foundation
Anonymous Donors