What makes JA programs so impactful to the students? They are taught by volunteer mentors from local businesses and the community. People just like you! It takes more than 9,500 volunteer mentors to teach our 80,000+ Arizona students each year.

We train you, give you the lessons and materials needed and support you along the way. You show up, teach the lessons and share your personal experience with students.

Our programs, developed by experts, are designed to keep kids engaged and meets them at their level of understanding. But it’s through our volunteers that students are able to connect what they learn in the classroom to the real world. Our volunteers help transform students’ attitudes from “I can’t” to “I CAN!” and help them see what they might achieve in the future.

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Why I Volunteer: Karen Quick

Karen Quick is the Director of Internal Controls at Accenture and a member of the State and Central Arizona Boards.... Tell me more

Our Volunteer Mentors Spent 138,311 hours teaching JA programs last year

9,000+ volunteer mentors teach JA programs to students each year

1 in 5 JA alumni work or have worked in the same field as their JA volunteer