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    In order to ensure the health, safety, and success of JA students, volunteers, and staff, this Digital Media Policy sets forth expectations and standards for digital interactions that JA volunteers and staff have with students and others. ONLINE CONDUCT JA volunteers and staff must communicate online appropriately, professionally, and respectfully, just as JA would expect them to communicate if they were present in person. Profanity, sexualized language, jokes, or images, or communications about adult topics, drugs or alcohol, are never appropriate when working with students of any age, whether it be in written communications, streaming video, or otherwise over the Internet. It is expected that volunteers’ online interactions with students are strictly related to the role of business mentor. JA volunteers and staff must limit their communication with students solely to official JA-administered or JA-sanctioned platforms, and meetings and other interactions with students on a one-to-one basis should be avoided. Volunteers and staff should not “friend,” “follow,” “add,” “accept,” or privately correspond with students online or through any digital channel, including via text, e-mail, or any social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Any online misconduct or conduct that falls below the standards expected by JA can result in immediate and permanent dismissal as a JA volunteer. SOCIAL MEDIA CONDUCT All online actions, including on personal social media accounts, should be presumed public. Followers may record or take screenshots, making even private communications and accounts—and even deleted posts—susceptible to being shared publicly. The only social media interaction with students should occur through a JA-administered social media platform as part of a JA program and with the consent of students’ parents. JA volunteers should not communicate with any students through any platform not directly controlled by JA. Admins, editors, and account holders of JA social media accounts must keep all personal social media separate from the JA social media profiles they manage. FACTUAL CONTENT Information can spread quickly online and can easily be misinterpreted or taken out of context. Any posts that reference JA or link to a JA website should reflect JA in a positive light and include only accurate public information. PHOTO USE Taking unauthorized photographs/videos of members or participants, guests, volunteers, students or children is prohibited. JA volunteers and staff should refrain from sharing these photos/videos, whether on personal social media accounts or otherwise. If pictures are needed for JA’s website, flyers, social media, etc., they are to be taken by designated/approved staff only and must be accompanied by a signed photo release form to be kept on file. JA VOLUNTEERS WHO POST OR MANAGE “OFFICIAL JA PROFILES" Any online platform, website, or social media account used by JA volunteers or staff for JA promotion or for JA related communications is an "Official JA Profile." As the exclusive property of Junior Achievement, JA will retain all Official JA Profiles when the volunteer/staff associated with the profile ends his or her relationship with JA for any reason. Two or more JA volunteers/staff must have access to “admin” status on each Official JA Profile. Each JA volunteer/staff who manages or has access to Official JA Profiles will provide the username and password to the social media profiles to the local JA office. JA volunteers/staff agree to cooperate in good faith with JA to ensure that JA has the ability to access and control all Official JA Profiles. Any JA volunteer/staff who reasonably suspects misconduct related to social media or any violation of this policy must report these suspicions immediately to the appropriate local JA representative. Junior Achievement USA and Junior Achievement of Arizona (collectively “Junior Achievement”) engage with volunteers (“JA Volunteer”) to deliver K-12th grade programs in-person, online, or through other virtual means, for the purpose of fostering work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills. JA Volunteers deliver these programs featuring content provided by Junior Achievement (“JA Materials”), but JA Volunteers may also create and furnish content for use with these programs (“Volunteer Created Materials”). In presenting the JA Materials or the Volunteer Created Materials, the Likeness (defined below) of the JA Volunteer may be photographed, recorded or otherwise reproduced. This JA Publicity Release, Copyright Acknowledgement and Content License (the “Agreement”) authorizes Junior Achievement to use the Likeness of the JA Volunteer, clarifies the ownership of JA Materials and Volunteer Created Materials, and grants a license for Junior Achievement to use the Volunteer Created Materials and other content as described below. For good and valuable consideration, including the opportunity to serve as a JA Volunteer, I agree as follows: I CONFIRM, REPRESENT, WARRANT AND AGREE AS FOLLOWS: JA Materials • I understand that Junior Achievement is the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest in and to all JA Materials, including any media embodying any portion of the JA Materials, and any and all derivatives of the JA Materials, including but not limited to all copyrights and other intellectual property rights therein. • If it is ever determined that I own any rights in the JA Materials contrary to what I have represented herein, I hereby irrevocably assign, transfer and otherwise convey to Junior Achievement all right, title, and interest in the JA Materials, including but not limited to any copyrights and intellectual property rights therein, including any renewals and extensions. • I agree that I will not challenge or contest, or assist any third party in challenging or contesting, Junior Achievement’s ownership in and to the JA Materials. Volunteer Created Materials • I confirm that the Volunteer Created Materials do not infringe upon any copyright, trademark, trade dress, rights of privacy or publicity, patent rights or third party contract rights and do not contain libelous or scandalous matter. • I agree not to incorporate any third-party content or materials into the Volunteer Created Materials, and I represent and warrant that all Volunteer Created Materials furnished by me shall be free of any third-party content and materials, unless I have secured express written permission from all rightsholders, including the right to license such content to Junior Achievement as part of the Volunteer Created Materials hereunder. • I agree to indemnify, defend and hold Junior Achievement harmless from any and all actions, damages and liabilities (including without limitation any attorneys’ fees and costs) that may arise by or in connection with a breach of my representations herein. License to Use Volunteer Created Materials • I grant Junior Achievement, a perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, sublicensable and royalty-free right to copy, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, create derivative works, edit, enhance, publish, market, sell and use the Volunteer Created Materials in any medium and in any manner throughout the world. My Likeness • Junior Achievement may, at its discretion, use my name, voice, image, picture, silhouette, and other aspects of my likeness (“Likeness”) in any recording, video, still-image, photograph, or other form of media without restriction, in connection with its use of JA Materials, Volunteer Created Materials, and Junior Achievement programs, or for any purpose related generally to Junior Achievement, including commercially and in connection with the creation and use promotional materials, advertising, and publicity. Junior Achievement • Junior Achievement is a nonprofit corporation and is fully in charge of its programming, branding and marketing. Because of that: o Junior Achievement will own any materials in which it uses the Volunteer Created Materials. o I will not use any materials Junior Achievement creates with the Volunteer Created Materials without Junior Achievement’s prior written permission. o I will not have any pre-approval rights over how the Volunteer Created Materials or my Likeness are used. o Junior Achievement is not obligated to use the Volunteer Created Materials or my Likeness if it decides not to do so. o I cannot revoke this Agreement once the Volunteer Created Materials or my Likeness have been used. o I will not sue, dispute, challenge, raise objections to or institute proceedings against Junior Achievement for using the Volunteer Created Materials or my Likeness and I hereby waive all legal and equitable rights I may have as well as all claims, demands, damages and expenses arising directly or indirectly from the same. Formalities • I am under no obligation to sign this Agreement, but if I do sign, I do so voluntarily, without duress, fully understanding my rights, the meaning and effect thereof, and with intent to be legally bound by the terms of this Agreement. • This Agreement is binding on, and shall benefit, Junior Achievement, me and our respective (as applicable) heirs, devisees, legatees, representatives, guardians, conservators, administrators, successors, assigns, agents, transferees and estates. • I declare under penalty of perjury of the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Each year Junior Achievement staff shall convey these standards in writing to all volunteers prior to their first visit to the classroom. Staff shall review these standards verbally, as well, with volunteers teaching for the first time. Junior Achievement (JA) serves youth. JA volunteers teach valuable lessons in their program delivery and especially in their conduct with students. Adult misconduct with or in the presence of youth carries serious consequences. Because Junior Achievement cares that its volunteers have healthy, appropriate relationships with the youth they serve, it has established the following standards. 1. Young people look to adults for examples of appropriate behavior. JA volunteers must use appropriate language and model honorable behavior, such as respect, integrity, honesty, and excellence. Profanity or sexualized language or jokes are inappropriate when working with students, regardless whether it occurs face-to-face, over the Internet, or by any other means. JA strictly forbids violating any state law regarding interactions with youth; for example, providing them alcohol or legal or illegal drugs, or coaxing them into illicit relationships over the Internet or otherwise. 2. Volunteers should avoid all contact with students beyond a business handshake. 3. Interactions with students must both be appropriate and appear appropriate. It is expected that volunteers’ interactions with students are at all times appropriate and professional and are strictly related to the role of business mentor. It is unacceptable to seek or engage in one-to-one meetings with students at any time. 4. Volunteers are responsible for the quality of interactions. Students often find it difficult to state discomfort or objections. Volunteers must be especially sensitive to physical and verbal cues that youth provide. 5. Volunteers will be presenting, facilitating and discussing various programs, content and ideas with students that are likely owned by JA, its licensors or the students. A primary purpose of the JA programs is to encourage creativity by the students. By working with JA and the students, Volunteer agrees that they do not obtain any intellectual property rights therein, will not seek ownership in or to contest those intellectual property rights, and will not attempt to secure trademark, patent or other intellectual property rights or registrations therein without prior written consent from Junior Achievement USA. The aforementioned standards do not represent a comprehensive list. Other actions not included could result in suspension or dismissal as a volunteer. JA volunteers also must read and comply with JA’s Digital Media Policy. Junior Achievement takes all complaints of misconduct seriously. Credible allegations of misconduct will be promptly reported to the appropriate authorities. During any such investigation, the JA volunteer will not perform services as a JA volunteer. If an investigation determines misconduct occurred, it will result in the immediate and permanent dismissal as a JA volunteer. Any JA staff member or volunteer who reasonably suspects misconduct must report these suspicions immediately to the appropriate JA staff person within their JA Area. I have received copies of this form and have read, understand, and will abide by these standards.