Give a gift to JA & get it back using your AZ Tax Credit!

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Did you know: donations to Junior Achievement of Arizona qualify for a dollar-for-dollar AZ charitable tax credit, up to $400/person! And, it does not compete with school tax credits!

When you direct your Charitable Tax Credit donation to Junior Achievement, you are:

  • Preparing Arizona students to succeed in work and life.
  • Unleashing potential for our kids and changing who they will become.
  • Helping ensure a more robust and sustainable future for Arizona.

Seem too good to be true? Here’s a quick video about how it works:


Make a tax credit donation now

Junior Achievement of Arizona is certified as a Qualifying Charitable Organizations (use QCO Code: 20937 on your AZDOR Form 321). Here are some frequently asked questions. Please consult your tax professional for advice about your specific tax situation.