JA Finance Park

FPJA Finance Park® is a learning experience geared towards middle and high school students which develops the skills necessary to make personal financial decisions through an experiential, real-life simulation.  In the classroom, teachers will chose from traditional or project based lessons which will prep the students on exploration, managing monthly costs, saving and investing and creating a personal budget.  When students arrive at JA Finance Park, they will be allocated a job, family scenario and annual salary.  Based on this information, students will put their classroom studies into action and make a series of money management decisions:

  • Should they buy the pricey sports car or the practical economy sedan?
  • How big of a house can they afford based upon their salary and monthly utility cost?
  • How much money should they save each month to start creating a strong financial foundation?

The JA Finance Park classroom lessons and town simulation helps students make the connection between hard work, education, and future earnings as they analyze their financial options and work to create a balanced monthly budget.  We would love to have your middle and high school students fully engaged in the JA Finance Park program!  Contact us today to schedule the program for your students!

Contact us to schedule the JA Finance Park program for your students today.



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