JA Becomes a Founding Member of the Arizona Coalition for Career Readiness

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We’re proud to announce that JA is a founding member of the Arizona Coalition for Career Readiness (ACCR)! This coalition gives more Arizona students the opportunity to discover and pursue their dream jobs. So how exactly does ACCR support students and why is it so exciting that JA is a part of this? We’re answering those questions and more in this blog post.


What is ACCR?

ACCR was formed to help bridge the gap between talented students and great jobs. Many high-paying jobs involve using skills that aren’t taught in school, including medical science, architecture, and manufacturing. This means students have to get postsecondary training, such as a credential or certificate, before they can land these kinds of roles. ACCR strives to make career exploration and development more accessible to Arizona students, setting them up to become successful employees in the future.


How ACCR Helps Students Find Great Jobs

ACCR offers a more streamlined approach to career development. The coalition brings education, industry, and technology together to work towards the shared goal of making a positive impact on students. But students aren’t the only ones benefitting from ACCR — the coalition is great for industry leaders and educators, too!

ACCR allows industry leaders to easily communicate with educators and let them know the skills they’re looking for in future employees. From there, educators can adjust their curriculum to better prepare students for the workforce. It’s a win for everyone since educators keep their curriculum more relevant, students learn skills related to their dream careers, and employers find more qualified candidates.


We’re Proud to be a Founding Member of ACCR

We’re ecstatic to be a founding member of ACCR along with several of our peers in the career readiness space. At the end of the day, we all want to make a difference in the lives of Arizona students, and this coalition is helping us achieve that common goal!

Aside from JA, the founding members of ACCR include Valley of the Sun United Way, Center for the Future of Arizona, Arizona Business & Education Coalition, and PipelineAZ. Other organizations that are involved with ACCR include Education Forward Arizona, Maricopa Community Colleges, and the Arizona Department of Education. As you can see, we’ve got a great team here, so we’re confident that ACCR will offer a ton of value to learners across the state.


Learn More About ACCR

Want to know more about ACCR and get involved? If you’re a student looking to land your dream job, visit PipelineAZ’s website to explore career opportunities and start honing your skills. If you’re an employer, you can use PipelineAZ’s website to start recruiting candidates with the exact skills you’re looking for. And don’t forget to visit ACCR’s website, where you can find more information and apply to join the coalition. Together we can make a real difference in the lives of Arizona’s youth!