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JA Inspire exceeded my expectations.(Required)
The JA Inspire program materials were well prepared.(Required)
The JA Inspire curriculum connects what students learn in the classroom and what various industries will need from its future employees.(Required)
The JA Inspire curriculum and videos help students develop a career plan to match their interests and talents to potential opportunities.(Required)
Students appeared interested in the JA Inspire curriculum and online exploration.(Required)
My students benefited from participation in JA Inspire.(Required)
I would recommend the JA Inspire program to other educators.(Required)
How satisfied were you with the variety of booths available in the Exhibit Hall?(Required)
How satisfied are you with the webinar content and keynote speakers in the Virtual Auditorium were meaningful and engaging for students?(Required)
My students gained insight on industries that interested them.(Required)
My students were able to collect information about the education required to be successful in a variety of jobs.(Required)
How likely are you to participate in JA Inspire in the future?(Required)