JA Inspire Student Pre-Check


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Please answer these questions to the best of your abilities. *ALL questions with asterisks require an answer.
Which of these are career clusters?(Required)
Why is career planning important?(Required)
How do you find out the requirements for jobs in your field of interest?(Required)
How might soft skills help in a career?(Required)
Which of these is the best way to evaluate a potential career?(Required)
Why should your work reflect your personal values?(Required)
What is the value of knowing your own unique strengths and interests?(Required)
Do high school classes affect your career choices?(Required)
How can you get the most out of listening to a speaker of interest? Select all that apply.(Required)
I know what the requirements are for the career field I am interested in.(Required)
I have researched at least one career or job in which I am interested.(Required)
I know of at least one career field that is a great match for my talents, abilities, and interests.(Required)
I know how to connect my interests and skills with the world of work.(Required)
I have discussed my career interest(s) with someone close to me (family member, teacher, mentor, counselor, etc.)(Required)
I know how to develop a career plan.(Required)
I plan to develop a career plan.(Required)
Where are you in the process of making a career plan?(Required)
Has any member of your family served in the military? (Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, or Marines)

Please rate how important each of the following actions is to you:

Discuss career interests with someone in a career specific to your interests(Required)
Research a specific career field(Required)
Research specific companies I'm interested in(Required)