JA Programs for the Future Workforce

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The next generation of students will shape the future of our community. That’s why it’s so important to teach them vital skills like budgeting, career planning, and entrepreneurship. At Junior Achievement of Arizona, we offer many hands-on and age-appropriate programs that prepare students for work and life. Keep reading to learn more!


JA BizTown

This program introduces 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to economic concepts in a fun, immersive way. It starts off in the classroom, where students learn the importance of working and managing their finances. Then they put their knowledge into action by visiting a student-sized town and becoming employees for the day. They experience what it’s like to run a business, work with others, pay taxes and bills, and so much more.


JA Finance Park

JA Finance Park gives 6th to 12th grade students insight on the challenges and benefits of managing their finances. First, in-class lessons introduce them to financial concepts such as budgeting, interest rates, and the link between education and potential income. Then they come to JA Finance Park, an on-site learning facility with many different businesses they can visit. Students get a randomly assigned income and family scenario, pay for expenses like housing and insurance, and figure out how to balance their personal budget.


JA Inspire

JA Inspire is an exciting, interactive way for middle and high school students to explore potential career paths. Online lessons provide students with valuable information about career planning, then they attend a virtual career fair and have the chance to connect with businesses across multiple industries. They can watch videos about career paths they’re interested in, download resources, attend webinars, and more. Afterwards, they reflect on their experience and what they learned from it.


Classroom Programming

Our age-appropriate classroom programs empower students of all grade levels to reach their future financial and career goals. From money management to career planning to entrepreneurship, the lessons we provide students prepare them for life after graduation. Sometimes teachers lead the programs, while other times volunteers teach the lessons and share inspiring personal stories with students. No matter the case, all of our programs correlate to state and national standards, helping students connect in-class lessons to the real world.


Ready to Get Involved?

If you want to make an impact on the lives of students in Arizona, consider getting involved with JA! We have many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year, whether you want to help in the classroom, at an event, or even remotely. We also appreciate donations of any amount; a $34 donation allows one student to receive a potentially life-changing JA program. Attending JA events, bringing JA to your school, and sponsoring a JA BizTown shop are just a handful of other ways you can get involved. We hope you join us on our mission to empower the next generation of students!