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*Note that the first lesson and final lesson are mandatory for those teaching JA Inspire for 2+ hours.

MANDATORY: Lesson 1 – Introduction
     A brief introduction to JA Inspire for teachers who have less than one class period for teaching, or for volunteers who are introducing
JA Inspire.

MANDATORY: Final Lesson
     Students are given the space to reflect on their JA Inspire journey and create a SMART goal roadmap for success.

All-in-one lesson
     Don’t want the hassle of creating your own curriculum? This all-in-one lesson gives students the JA Inspire experience in less time!

*Remaining lessons are for those teaching 1 hour of JA Inspire. They are organized by CTE standards.

Standard 1.0: Complex Communication

Social Network
     Students get the opportunity to create their own business, and then market that business to their peers through social media.

Getting to Know You
     Students will share what they want to be in the future.

Standard 2.0: Collaboration

Business Etiquette
     Students learn about the importance of business etiquette and the impact on positive customer and employee relations.

Job Sensing
     Students explore a career in terms of their five senses to gain a deeper understanding of the job choice.

List Label
     Students brainstorm a list of everything they know about a career cluster to give better understanding of the careers available
within that cluster.

My Jobs As…
    Students make a list of stores or restaurants that they attend frequently. They will research potential jobs on the JA Inspire Virtual Career Platform.

Career Plan
    Students learn about the importance of a career plan that matches their interests and talents with potential opportunities.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
    Students complete a group activity and reflect on collaboration skills.

What Do You Know?
     Students answer several questions about their own understanding of their aligned career path by researching more about the

Standard 3.0: Thinking and Innovation

Welcome to the World
     Students share what they want to be in the future

Occupational Skills
     Students examine occupational skills needed for a successful career.

Peripheral Vision
     Students use imagery and visualization to construct a narrative about a job they might have one day.

Board Game
     Students create a board game with their dream job being the end of the game.

Grid Builder
     Students will write 9 jobs they are interested in doing across the vertical lines.

High-Growth, High-Demand Jobs
    Students define and explore high-growth, high-demand jobs that require the use of technology.

Standard 4.0: Professionalism

Understand Me
    Students role-play different scenarios to demonstrate empathy and the role it plays in communities and social networks. 

Standard 5.0: Initiative and Self-Direction

Follow the Leader
     Students think about how leadership manifests in different scenarios, and reflect on how they can use their leadership skills to serve
others and their community.

Standard 9.0: Financial Practices

Business and Customer
     Students learn about the relationship between businesses and their customers, and the mutually beneficial exchange of products
and services.


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