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JA Piggy Bank Savings (Activity) – Color a picture and learn about saving money

Cha-Ching Money Management Video: Earn, Save, Spend & Donate (Video) – Let the entertaining Cha-Ching cartoon characters teach yours kids about managing money

Cha-Ching Money Management Video:  Saving for Success (Video) – Let the entertaining Cha-Ching cartoon characters teach yours kids about saving money

How to Teach Children the Basics of Budgeting (Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: learn the basics of saving, spending and sharing

Printable Activities for Kids (Activities) – Fun activities to learn about money, math, reading, science and more!

Teaching kids about money at home (Reading) – Parent tips on how to discuss money with your kids

U.S. Mint h.i.p Pocket Change Kids Site (Games and Activities) – Learn to identify and count coins


JA Jobs I Can Do (Activity) – Draw a picture of a job you can do to help your family

JA Who Am I? (Activity) – Guess what job title matches three clues

Am I a Want or a Need? (Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Explore the difference between wants and needs

Community Helpers Matching Game (Activity) – Match the pictures of the community workers with their job titles




5 Ways to Teach Yours Kids How to Be Great Entrepreneurs (Reading) – Share these 5 ways to begin introducing your kids to entrepreneurism at home







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