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JA Bank Teller Computations (you can find the answer key here) (Activity) – Help the bank teller count bills and coins by solving problems

JA Choosing a Financial Institution (Activity) – Help customers find the financial institution that meets their needs

JA Compare and Contrast Payment Methods (Activity) – Compare the different ways people can pay for their wants and needs

JA Current Economic Climate: JA Analyzing Credit Cards (Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Learn the pros and cons of credit cards

JA Excellence Through Ethics: Having Money When You Need It (Reading and Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Examine the ethics of spending money on needs and wants

JA History of Prices (Reading and Activity) – Find out how people’s needs and desires affect the pricing of goods

JA John’s Shopping Day (Activity) – Do you like to shop? Help John choose what to buy and track what he is spending

JA Money Tracker and BINGO (here’s a video on how to fill in the tracker!) (Activity) – How do you keep track of the money you have in a bank? Watch the video and play the BINGO game to learn!

JA Risk and Insurance (Interactive Game) – Learn all about risk taking and insurance

JA $ave: Vacation Time – Let’s Get Away! – Explore where you would go and how you would pay for vacation

JA The Debit Card Transaction (Activity) – How does a debit card work? Follow these steps to learn how a bank gets your money to the store

JA The Legendary Lemonade Stand: Cost of Doing Business (Activity) – Aiden opens a lemonade stand to earn the money he needs and learns about owning a business

Cha-Ching Lessons (Activities and Videos) – Watch the engaging Cha-Ching videos and then talk about the discussion questions provided

Hands On Banking (Free Online Courses) – Where does money come from and how do you earn it and use it? Let’s find out!

Learning Economics with Minecraft (Free Online Course) – Students build a home in Minecraft while learning about productive resources

Making Cents: Financial Literacy for Young Learners (Videos) – Watch these 5 short 45-second videos to learn to manage money: Learning to Save, Eating Out vs. At Home, Spend, Save, Share, How a Check Works, and Credit vs. Debit Cards

Money Smart for Young People (Videos and Activities) – Parent or teacher-led: Lessons on money, earning, saving, goals and more!

Printable Activities for Kids – Fun activities to learn about money, math and more!

Teaching kids about money at home (Reading) – Parent tips on how to discuss money with your kids


JA Be an Engineer: Build a Robot (Activity) – Create a robot using STEM skills

JA Career Quest Flier – Learn about yourself and careers that suit your interests and abilities

JA Extended Learning: JA Be an Engineer (Activity) – Students build a paper airplane and learn about weight, thrust, and lift impact

JA Global Connections – Have you ever been told you are “all over the map”? Learn about international careers and places!

JA My Interests – Complete this checklist to discover how your interests could become business ideas

JA $ave: It is Never Too Early to Decide on a College – Let’s explore how to choose a college

JA STEMBOT (Interactive Game) – Learn about STEM careers and practice STEM skills while solving puzzles and playing games

Career Exploration (Videos, Games, Activities) – Explore different careers by completing games and puzzles

Career Exploration Videos – Watch and learn about interesting careers


JA Excellence Through Ethics: Ethical Customer Service and Being an Ethical Customer (Reading and Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Examine advertising scenarios to determine if they are ethical

JA Excellence Through Ethics: Get The Word Out (Reading and Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Create a successful product or service

JA My Entrepreneurial Traits (Activity) – What are the traits of entrepreneurs and do you have them?

Ja Robo Sellers Video Flyer (Game) – Fly your ship through the universe collecting and selling robot parts to start your own robot business

JA Science Means Business – Read about four inventors who turned their ideas into successful businesses

JA The Money Jar Podcasts – Listen to interesting people talk about careers, money issues and entrepreneurship

JA Video Library (Videos) – Watch young entrepreneurs discuss why it’s cool to run a business and share their stories and advice

JA What is Free Enterprise? (Activity) – Learn about free enterprise and how your family is utilizing economic freedom

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Be Great Entrepreneurs (Reading) – Share these 5 ways to begin introducing your kids to entrepreneurism at home

BizKids$ Starting Your Own Business Interactive Games (Games, Online Courses, Videos) – Learn the secrets of millionaires at your own pace

Post-It Note Discovery (Reading) – Learn all about the post-it note and the man behind the invention

The Color of Resources Game (Online Course and Game) – Enjoy the journey of how crayons are made and learn about natural, capital and human resources

Other JA Online Learning Resources

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