During this unique time in our community, we are doing our part to help ensure students continue their JA education at home and help parents make the most out of at-home learning.

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Instagram Live Learning

Please join us in the mornings (Tuesday-Thursday at 10 a.m.) on Instagram for live lessons around managing money, succeeding in our future careers and thinking entrepreneurially!

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Instagram Live Learning Schedule


JA Build Your Future (also available on iTunes and Google Play)

JA Current Economic Climate

JA Economics Investigation

JA Financial Terms Dictionary

JA How to Calculate a Monthly Car Payment

JA Influencer (parent or teacher-led lesson)

JA Track Income and Spending Budget Sheets for Students

A World Without Cash

Bank of AmericaHow to Help Your High Schooler Set a Savings Goal

Budgeting Income and Spending Worksheets

Econedlink Financial Literacy Resources

Extracurricular Expenses (Find the accompanying worksheet here)

FDIC Money Smart lessons

How to Calculate a Monthly Car Payment

Investing for Retirement

IRS.gov Understanding Taxes Lessons, Activities and Games

KITSAP Credit Union Financial education videos

Money Resource Guide Games for Kids


National Endowment for Financial Education

Pathway to Financial Success: Resources to help navigate important conversations with teens

Pathway to Financial Success: Take Control of Your Financial Future

PBS LearningMedia Short Videos (topics include Learning to Save, Eating out Vs. At Home, Saving Over Time, Spend, Save, Share, How a check works, Early Savers, etc.)

Planning for Financial Success

Sales and Property Taxes (Find the accompanying worksheet here)

Smart About Money online courses; Credit and Debt, Insurance, Looking for Employment, Spending and Saving

Unexpected Expenses

Wells Fargo: Dealing with Financial Challenges

Wells Fargo: Hands On Banking

Wells Fargo: How to Build for the Future

Wells Fargo: Learn How to Help Pay for College and Successfully Manage Your Finances

Wells Fargo: Managing Your Money


JA Assembling Your Career

JA Access Your Future

JA My Way

Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Exploration

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupation Videos

Career Decisions (Find the accompanying worksheet here)



JA Success Park (Google Play click here and the Apple App Store click here)

Getting to Know Excel

Getting to Know PowerPoint

Getting to Know Word

How to Craft an Elevator Pitch

Job Loss

Positive Brand Word Bank worksheet

Project Management


JA Video Library

Brightly books recommendations

Inc.Com 30 Under 30

MyBiz Builder

On Your Own, Entrepreneurial Lessons

The Money Jar Podcasts

USA Today article – Kid Inventors


JA Excellence Through Ethics

JA Travel and Tourism

10-Year Goal Plan

Grades Count! (Find the accompanying worksheet here)


Soft Skills Self-Assessment

Other JA Online Learning Resources
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