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JA Access Your Future (also available on iTunes and Google Play) – An app that helps break down cost of goals and dreams into real and usable numbers

JA Economics Investigation (Reading) – Six different readings and investigations about micro and macro economics

JA Excellence Through Ethics – Budget Benders (Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Learn the challenges inherent in effective budgeting, and analyze and diagnose fiscal problems 

JA Excellence Through Ethics – Debt Management & Mismanagement (Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Learn the consequences of mismanaging personal debt and review debt management tools 

JA Extracurricular Expenses (Interactive Slideshow) – Explore how to budget for extracurricular activities that are part of many students’ high school experiences 

JA Influencer (Reading) – Parent or teacher-led: This resource discusses financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship and dives into current events to prompt learning

JA Next Level Student Budgeting (Activity) – Practice budgeting by tracking your spending and unexpected expenses during a vacation

JA Planning for Financial Success (Interactive Slideshow) – Have you thought about your financial future? Learn more about the benefits of financial goal planning.

JA Sales and Property Taxes (Interactive Slideshow) – Taxes are unavoidable and can affect your financial decision making. Learn the impact taxes have on your decisions. 

Financial Literacy Resources (Reading and Activities) – Parent or teacher-led: Lessons to teach kids about financial literacy

Hands On Banking (Free Online Courses) – Online courses that teach about how to create a spending plan, build credit, school loans, and how continuing education fit into your financial future 

How to Help Your High Schooler Set a Savings Goal (Free Online Courses) – A guide to help you teach your students the basics of spending and saving

Learn How to Build Your Future, Manage Your Money and Deal With Financial Challenges (Reading) – 20+ articles that teach how to make smart financial decisions 

Money Smart Lessons for Young People (Videos and Activities) – Parent or teacher-led: Lessons on money, earning, saving, goals and more!

Pathway to Financial Success: Take Control of Your Financial Future (Interactive Activity) – Explore self-paced modules and tools to help equip you to make sound financial decisions and achieve your life goals 

Resources to Help Navigate Important Conversations With Teens (Reading) – Parents, use these tools to help your teen to pursue their dreams and become financially stable, independent adults

Smart About Money (Free Online Courses) – Self-directed 45 minute online courses on basic money management topics (Credit and Debt, Insurance, Looking for Employment, Spending and Saving)

Unexpected Expenses (Find the accompanying worksheet here) (Interactive Slideshow) – Learn how unexpected expenses can impact your budget and how an emergency fund can help


JA Access Your Future (App) – Use this tool to break down the cost of achieving your career goals into real, easy-to-understand numbers 

JA Assembling Your Career (Online App) – Learn about STEM careers and ways to prepare for them while still in school

JA Career Decisions (Interactive Slideshow) – Create a plan based on your interests and talents, and learn how to set goals to achieve your plan 

JA Inspire (Interactive Experience) – Explore careers, network with Arizona employers, and attend panel discussions in JA’s premier virtual career exploration fair!

JA My Way (Interactive Online Activity) – Keep your career goals on track through learning about your personality, career options, resumes, saving for college and more!

Explore Occupations and Compare Their Growth Rates, Salaries, and Educational Requirements (Interactive Tool) – Research and learn about the careers that interest you

ME3.com: Major and Career Quiz (Interactive Activity) – Find a major, degree program and career that fits with this online interactive major and career quiz


JA Excellence Through Ethics – Choose Your Professional Attitude (Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Explore how a positive attitude in the face of others’ negativity is part of a good work ethic

JA Excellence Through Ethics – Ethics Under Pressure (Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Explore ethics and different role-playing scenarios to practice ethical decision making

JA Getting to Know Excel (Interactive Tutorial) – Learn how to use Excel

JA Getting to Know PowerPoint (Interactive Tutorial) – Learn how to use PowerPoint

JA Getting to Know Word (Interactive Tutorial) – Learn how to use Word

JA Project Management (Interactive Tutorial) – Learn about project management using different tutorials

JA Work Values – Explore how to get and keep a job


JA Excellence Through Ethics – The Customer Service Game (Reading and Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Students examine customer service and consider attitudes and behaviors that build customer trust

JA Excellence Through Ethics – You’re the Boss (Reading and Activity) – Students will investigate the leadership role that entrepreneurs must take as they hire employees  

JA MyBiz Builder (Online App) – Interactive business plan builder to research, plan and run your own business 

JA Video Library (Videos) – Watch young entrepreneurs share their stories, advice, and discuss why it’s cool to run a business


JA Grades Count! (Interactive Lesson) – Do your grades really matter? Explore the consequences of grades and other factors that can affect college options and scholarships 

Interpreting a Financial Aid Award Letter (Find the accompanying worksheet here) (Reading and Activity) – Learn how to interpret a financial aid award letter and negotiate for more aid

FAFSA Resources

Applying for Financial Aid with FAFSA (Find the accompanying worksheet here) (Reading and Online Activity) – Learn how to complete the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to apply for aid

Community FAFSA Playbook


Other JA Online Learning Resources

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