As adults, we can reflect on the importance of knowing how to manage our money. We can embrace the need to know how to navigate the work world. We depend on individuals — just like you! — to provide this critical education to as many students in Arizona as possible.

You have an opportunity to make an impact that will last for a lifetime. Join us in this mission to empower the future.

Did you know: donations to Junior Achievement of Arizona qualify for a tax credit (up to $400/individual or $800/couple). Junior Achievement of Arizona is now certified as a Qualifying Charitable Organizations.

Ways to get involved

Other Ways to Give to JA

Support JA while you shop!

Did you know that you can shop on Amazon or at Fry’s and a portion of your purchases can come back to JA? This is not an add-on for you but comes out of the pockets of Amazon and Fry’s – a win/win for all. Get started!

Donor Advised Fund

Do you have a donor-advised fund? Suggest a donation from the fund to benefit Junior Achievement of Arizona students!

Legacy Giving

As you are considering your legacy, please consider making a gift to JA that will continue for years to come. A bequest is a great way to carry on supporting the causes that matter to you.

If you’d like to learn more about joining our Heritage Society and including Junior Achievement of Arizona in your will or estate plan, please contact Sam Alpert, our SVP of Development at or 480.219.0212.

If you have already listed Junior Achievement of Arizona as a beneficiary in your will, please let us know so that we may properly recognize you and your commitment to equipping Arizona’s future.

Donate Stock

If you would like to make a contribution to JA through the donation of stock, please use the instructions found here or contact our office.

Vehicle Donation

Another meaningful way to give to JA is with the donation of your vehicle you no longer need. A third-party organization handles all the details – pick-up, sale, transfer and tax information.

If you’d like to donate vehicle to JA, please contact us or begin the process here.

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