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JA Bank Teller Computations (You can find the answer key here) (Activity) – Help the bank teller count bills and coins by solving problems

JA Choosing a Financial Institution (Activity) – Help customers find the financial institution that meets their needs

JA Current Economic Climate: Proactive Planning (Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Understand the current economic climate

JA History of Prices (Reading and Activity) – Find out how people’s needs affect the pricing of goods

JA How to Calculate a Monthly Car Payment (Activity) – Learn how to calculate your car payment using the rate, loan term and loan amount

JA Interest in Your Favor (Activity) – Discover how interest-bearing savings accounts can help people buy big-ticket items

JA Next Level Student Budgeting (Activity) – Practice budgeting by tracking your spending and unexpected expenses during a vacation

JA $ave: Do You Have a Great Idea? (Activity) – Do you have a great idea? You could start a business!

JA $ave: Money Doubles by the Rule of 72 (Activity) – Learn how to use the power of compound interest to earn significant money in the future!

JA $ave: Planning for College (Activity) – Explore how to analyze and pay for college tuition

JA Searching for Savings (Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Teaches kids how to save money using coupons

JA Why Countries Trade (Online Activity) – Discover which countries specialize in export products and how to use them to create a product of your own

Discovery Education: Money Matters (Videos) – Make your dreams come true with smart planning and managing your money

Financial Literacy Resources (Reading and Activities) – Parent or teacher-led: Lessons to teach kids about financial literacy

Hands On Banking (Free Online Courses) – Learn how to start saving and boost your earning power to reach your goals and dreams

How to help your middle schooler set a savings goal (Reading) – Guide students through the basics of spending and saving

IRS.gov Understanding Taxes Lessons (Activities and Games) – Interested in uncovering the mysteries behind taxes?

It’s a Money Thing (Videos) – Explore videos on good vs. bad spending, tuition, job interviews, checking accounts, and more!

Making Cents: Financial Literacy for Young Learners (Videos) – Watch these 5 short 45-second videos: Credit Score, Long-Term Investing, Buying a Car, Writing a Check, and Social Media to learn more about money

Money As You Grow (Reading) – Learn how to grow your child’s money skills, habits, and attitudes!

Money Smart for Young People (Videos and Activities) – Parent or teacher-led: Lessons on money, earning, saving, goals and more!

Teaching kids about money at home (Reading) – Parent tips on how to discuss money with your kids

U.S. Mint h.i.p Pocket Change (Games and Videos) – Learn all about U.S. coins: how they are made, their history, and coins in outer space!


JA Assembling Your Career (Online App) – Learn about STEM careers and ways to prepare for them while still in school

JA Be an Engineer: Build a Robot (Activity) – Create a robot using STEM skills

JA Career Goal Pocket Guide (Activity) – Are you committed to reaching your career goals? Complete and keep this guide as a reminder of those goals!

JA Global Workforce (Activity) – Have you ever thought about being part of the global workforce and working in another country? Here’s what you need to know!

JA Inspire (Interactive Experience) – Explore careers, network with Arizona employers, and attend panel discussions in JA’s premier virtual career exploration fair!

JA My Way (Interactive Online Activities) – Keep your career goals on track through learning about your personality, career options, resumes saving for college, and more!

JA Self-Knowledge Treasure Hunt (Reading and Activity) – Identify your skills, interests, and values to help you focus on what jobs and careers you might like

JA STEMBOT (Interactive Game) – Learn about STEM careers and practice STEM skills while solving puzzles and playing games

Career Exploration (Videos, Games Activities) – Explore different careers by completing games and puzzles

Career Exploration Videos (Videos) – Watch and learn about interesting careers

Match Me to the Perfect Career (Online Quiz) – A 5-minute quiz to see which careers match your interests


JA Innovative Ideas: U.S. Patent Scavenger Hunt (Activities and Games) – Learn about patents and trademarks by playing interactive games

JA MyBiz Builder (Online App) – Interactive business plan builder to research, plan and run your own business

BizKids$ Starting Your Own Business Interactive Games (Games, Online Courses, Videos) – An engaging course for kids to learn the secrets of millionaires at their own pace



JA Excellence Through Ethics: Ethical Customer Service and Being an Ethical Customer (Reading and Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Examine advertising scenarios to determine if they are ethical

JA Excellence Through Ethics: Get the Word Out (Reading and Activity) – Parent or teacher-led: Creating a successful product means balancing profit and customer satisfaction

JA Robo Sellers Video Flyer (Game) – Start your own robot business, become a robot merchant, and make a tidy profit!

JA The Money Jar Podcasts – Listen to interesting people talk about careers, money issues, and entrepreneurship

JA Video Library (Videos) – Watch young entrepreneurs share their stories, advice and discuss why it’s cool to run a business




Coding for Students (Online Course) – Learn fundamentals of computer science with drag-and-drop blocks and creating your own drawings and games





Other JA Online Learning Resources

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